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Organizing a event needs a combination of several services, with different vendors for different services it obvious the cost of each service to be at the higher end with every vendor wanting to make his share of profit. With the entire event planned by a single vendor with in-house resources for production it is likely that the cost of the event relatively comes down at least by 25%. Moreover we don't work on commission basis unlike most other who just add on to the budget, we have in house technical, logistical & labour resources making it better & cheaper for our clients. Hiring multiple vendors for different services also requires a lot of organizing, coordination & follow up, failure of which will mess up the event. At Milestone we do it all for you.

Hiring us will not only save your hard earned money but also a lot of time & energy, ensuring the best of our quality. And what more? With our you get a complimentary honeymoon trip. So isn't that a double benefit?